See a summary of your projects at a glance

Our dashboard provides a snapshot of your project activity – e.g., number of CPRs submitted, geographic impact analysis, announcements, etc. The dashboard can be configured to meet your specific needs.



Streamline your process for managing certified payroll reports

MyLCM replaces the current manual process of complying with federal Davis-Bacon requirements, as well as state and local prevailing wage laws, living wage ordinances, and project labor agreements. Submitted CPRs are checked against our rates database, and areas of non-compliance are immediately highlighted for your review. We handle the entry and update of all rates throughout the life of the project.

Track your workforce utilization goals

MyLCM keeps track of compliance with minority, women-owned and disadvantaged business (M/W/DBE) participation, as well as other workforce utilization goals and small business participation measures—all of which are integral to public projects.



Simplify your reporting functions

You will have access to over 60 standard reports, as well as an ad-hoc reporting tool. Reports that used to take weeks to put together can now be created—with data pulled directly from CPRs—in a matter of seconds.

Give your field inspectors an easy-to-use tool

Our field inspection module allows your inspectors to maintain detailed reports and share information in real-time. Significantly, you will be able to run a report that compares the information captured in the field against the information reported on the CPR—thus alerting you to any inconsistencies between the two.



Access your data from anywhere

MyLCM is a secure, web-based solution that can be accessed from any location with Internet connectivity. You will have the ability to assign access roles and control who has the ability to view, edit, and manage your project details.

Train and assist your staff, contractors, and subcontractors

For no extra charge, we provide you with a complete training system for your staff, contractors, and subcontractors. Training options include on-site sessions, webinars, user manuals, FAQs, and subject-based training videos. You and your end-users will also have access to our in-house customer support team via both phone and email.



Integrate with your current applications

Our solution allows you to integrate with your existing processes. We can interface with your legacy systems and payroll applications (some examples noted in the graphic) for data exchange and seamless integration.

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