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What people are saying about MyLCM

MyLCM is prevailing wage software that helps efficiently manage labor compliance for everyone.

Here’s what some of them have to say …

“As an elected official, I need workforce answers. The MyLCM prevailing wage software shows me how many jobs were created, whether the workforce represents my community, and how we can prevent fraud."
“As the Director of Compliance, MyLCM gives me access to labor data on-demand. I can see how many projects are active, the total dollar value of construction, the number of people working on those projects, the diversity of our workforce, and immediately spot any issues or concerns.”
image3b“As a field compliance officer, I am able to report field observations, interview results, and concerns real-time. With MyLCM, there are no more handwritten notes on notebooks for data entry later – give me a tablet and I can upload data from the field.”

“As Project Manager, I just want to know that my contractors and subcontractors are in compliance, that certified payrolls are being collected, and that someone’s available to track and address issues. MyLCM addresses all these needs in a central database."
“As a contractor, I do not have to manually complete my certified payroll reports and chase them down from my subcontractors. MyLCM gives me and my team a simple, automated process. Time is money."
“As a subcontractor, I need less paperwork, not more. MyLCM gives me a system that lets me upload information electronically. My work hours vary from week to week, so I love that I can access it anytime.”

“As a public owner, I have to make sure we’re meeting federal and local labor requirements with limited resources. MyLCM allows me to focus my staff on field work and fraud prevention activities rather than data entry and filing."
“As a Union Representative, Project Labor Agreements are difficult to negotiate and even harder to monitor. MyLCM provides a level of transparency to safeguard that process by making sure the parties comply with the PLA."
“As a Federal compliance officer, enforcing requirements is my job. MyLCM reporting is accurate, timely, and details are readily available. Having a proven automated certified payroll reporting process instills confidence that recipients are meeting requirements.”

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